The best way to remember the memory card: you can do it without touching it


The best way to remember the memory card: you can do it without touching it Memory cards are now a common sight in modern smartphone models. Often, manufacturers produce cases for the phone itself, which can fit up to 128 GB. But there are also those people who don't have enough memory or don't want to give it up cheap. So they buy a more expensive device with a memory card slot. The latter is often smaller and more compact. We will try to tell you how to use it.The manner in which you can format the memory cardFirst, you need to touch the memory card with your palm. If it's good, the memory card will be reset to its initial state. If it's bad, then you will need to touch it again. This procedure should be repeated at least once every 2-3 years. Then the card will be formatted.The second technique is to hit the memory card slot with your palm. If the memory card is good, then you can insert the memory card. If it's bad, then you will have to hit the back panel of the smartphone. In both cases, it is better to hit the front panel. But you can't completely cover the memory card, so it will be inaccessible. If there is a slot for a memory card with a built-in sensor, then it should be named "M.2".The third option is to use a USB flash drive. This is a good way to format the device so that it will fit in a smartphone case or wallet. . Next — even more useful and interesting things!Lots of useful information on our website